About Us

Our Mission & Vision: To make a difference to those who need us the most & help as many businesses to grow and flourish.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

Who we are

Number #1 digital agency

Who specialises in building a marketing campaign around strategic marketing consulting and understanding your customer's thoughts and buying habits. Customer satisfaction experts.


Simplify your Marketing

Place your trust in the hands of experts. With over 15+ years of experience, as a part of the Everything Sales Family, you'll get a team who are driven to produce fantastic results.

We’re proud to be a team of creative and out of the box thinking human beings, and not robots!

Dream. Believe. Achieve. 


Our goals for success

96% of our clients have renewed their contracts with us. Why? We've delivered them impeccable results. See some of our results below.

Our clients all wish to crack the code to Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers. Everything Sales have helped them secure a top spot in their industries and take their brand to the next level. You want this to be you right? 


Our team

As a part of the Everything Sales Family, you get a team who are driven to produce fantastic results, and are industry experts in their field. We are proud to be a team of creative and out of the box thinking human beings, and not robots!

Cat Philp CEO Everything Sales Marketing Agency

Founder & CEO

Cat Philp

Brainiac, book nerd and digital marketer. Trilingual and currently balancing managing The ES Team and studying towards my MSc Marketing & Data Analytics!

Marketing Manager

Danielle Reeves

Working as a marketer since 2003. After dipping my toes into sales, I have rejoined my fellow marketers! I prefer my calls warm and fuzzy - just like me they say!

SEO Lead

Danny Smith

Who doesn't hate spiders? Luckily, it's me who has to deal with crawlers everyday in SEO - and not you! SEO expert for 20+ years. I also live in Cyprus!

Social Media Manager

Sharday Thomas

Lover of all things social. Always keeping up with Social Media - my screen time is pretty high! I guess it comes with the job...

Executive Assistant to CEO

Angela Twyford

In charge of all the office admin and managing Cat's time Some would say I have the toughest job as Cat is always so busy!!

Senior Graphic Designer

Alejandro Ochoa

Graphic designer by day, Star Wars enthusiast and collector by night! (See Star Wars top in above photo). Graphic designer for 15+ years.

Our honorable clients

Making our clients happy is what we do best! We're here to make you happy.