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Are You An Entrepreneur?

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There are many different characteristics which define an entrepreneur. Many people won’t even realise they have them!
If you’re reading this, you are most likely either an aspiring entrepreneur, or you may already have a business. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!
1. Action oriented
Sometimes you may have been told that you don’t think decisions through, or that you jump into things too quickly. Often, this is because of the entrepreneurial spark that lies inside you. You are always looking for new ideas and possibilities.
Entrepreneurs are people that get things done. They don’t wait around for life to just ‘happen’ to them, or hoping they might get lucky, they are doers. Although in my experience, sometimes this doesn’t always end well, so you have to train yourself to give it a little more thought. Often I give myself 24 hours, and if I still feel the same afterwards, then I’ll go for it!
2. Extremely Passionate or Enthusiastic
You don’t have to be passionate about something 24/7 to be considered enthusiastic. However, entrepreneurs are often very inspiring people, who when they talk about their dreams and passions, can light up a room with the energy they give off. Their passion is obvious to everyone in the room, and it is evident that they love what they do.
3. Open Minded
These individuals are always open to new ideas, and often handle criticism well. They are the types of people who have a growth mindset, and are willing to learn from every experience. They are always happy to ask for help, even in difficult situations.
4. Driven
Entrepreneurs are always thinking about the next step, and are driven by vision and dreams. Although some may say they are too emotionally invested, others say it’s a part of the journey.
Do you often live more in the future than in the present? This is often a very common trait to have as an entrepreneur. I was often told off for living too far into the future, and not enjoying the present. I’m glad somebody did tell me that, because I should enjoy the present more, and now I do. We must learn to embrace the journey, rather than worry about the future all the time.
However, they were wrong to tell me not to live in the future at all, the future is extremely important to entrepreneurs and we absolutely should care about it, after all, it’s how we build success. If you’re not thinking about the future, then what are you doing?
There is a balance, however if there’s one thing us entrepreneurs don’t do, is live in the past. The past is gone! It’s passed. We are too busy living for how we can improve, what we can do differently and how to achieve those goals that we completely forget about the future to a certain degree. We only use them as experiences to learn from.
5. Always Switched On
Unfortunately, sometimes we just can’t switch off. It’s tough being an entrepreneur sometimes, your mind is constantly switched on, searching for new ideas, learning and applying. Even if we don’t actually want to, or realise it. Everywhere we go, we are networking, whether that be the gym, the corner shop or a high end bar.
Burnout is real, and one thing entrepreneurs battle daily, is the desire to keep working. Because we are such inspired, free willed and passionate people, we constantly want to keep working, because it doesn’t feel like work to us!
With new ideas and thoughts constantly invading our minds, it’s a real struggle not to keep going! The biggest lesson I learnt in August was to teach myself to stop and relax. Most people probably think it comes naturally, but the true art of relaxing is not something that comes natural to most entrepreneurs.
You may be in disagreement with me here, but hear me out. You may be sitting there, watching a film on a Tuesday night, but do you still have that voice in your head which keeps suggesting new ideas, or reflecting on the day, or thinking about next week, or your next meeting?
Do you have a constant need to write those ideas down, or perhaps finishing ‘just one; email off, or something that is borderline work, but not quite related? Well there you go. You need to learn to completely shut off and drown those voices and desires out. Most people aren’t aware of this, but try it out. Once you feel yourself start to think about anything associated with work, you must immediately stop it, and replace it with a new thought.
Yes, there may be some instances where you will have to work all night, or finish something off from home, but that shouldn’t be every night.
The truth of it is that we don’t realise it until we actively search for these moments. We need to learn to switch off at some point, otherwise it will cause burnout, which both long and short term, is the most self destructive thing you could do to yourself or your business.
Put it this way, if you leave a light on all the time and never switch it off, after a few days, it will probably burst and stop working – a.k.a. it will burn out! And when you own a business, particularly a small business, you are the most important asset to the business, and without you, everything stops. So take care of yourself!
We talk more about how to take care of yourself in our other blogs.
Stay tuned for more articles on avoiding burnout and more!
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