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Tip #1: Mindset Is Everything: The Billionaire Mindset

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Tip #1

Mindset Is Everything

Hey, allow me to introduce myself; I’m Cat – yes like the animal – and no it wasn’t funny the first time either 😉

Each chapter will consist of 1 rule, along with steps for implementation!

These are snippets of my soon to come book, so stay tuned for the next article and the upcoming book!

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I love what I do. I help small business owners find their voice, and scale their businesses, which means they can finally achieve the life they always dreamed of!

My weekdays consist of mostly yoga classes, reading, smoothies and of course the ‘Big N’ – Netflix!

But believe me when I say that there are a few sofa days thrown into the mix too! I just remind myself to stay focused, which is what I preach here – so grab a beanbag and get cozy as we dive into the good stuff!

The number one golden rule is to adjust your mindset, of course this is based on the presumption that you haven’t already reached optimum mindset capacity, but we always have something that can be improved upon. Once you adjust your mindset, the whole world opens up to you with endless possibilities.

How do you do this? It’s not easy, but if you’re like me and enjoy a challenge, you’ll know that if it were easy, we’d all be there.

Step 1: Allow yourself to change, without the real desire to want to change and adapt, the world will stay pretty still. You must open yourself to this new way of thinking, which in itself is a skill. The best thing for me was practising yoga, going for walks and reading mind stimulating books.

Surround yourself with positivity and good energy. Always. I appreciate that sometimes this may not be possible in the world of today, you might go out to a bar with some friends, or attend an awkward family gathering which brings out the worst in you or people around you, but it is important to understand that you can still bring a positive flow of energy to those places which have a slightly lower energy. Instead, surround yourself with it, without the need to stay only in places which already vibrate this type of energy, like perhaps a yoga studio. Once you start thinking differently – more positively, I can almost guarantee you’ll automatically start doing the next few things, without realising.

Step 2: You can do anything. We have just been trained to think and do like everyone else. A cog, in the works of a ticking time bomb. We have been conditioned to stay in on weekdays as it is a ‘school night’ and party only on the weekends. But why? Why not live EVERYday? Fancy a spontaneous beach trip at 8.30pm on a Monday night? Do it. Fancy a walk at a random hour? Hopping on a plane to visit a place you’ve always dreamed of? I say do it. Life is way too short only to live in fear of the next day, and dare not do the things you love, or ‘put them off’. I know you’ll hear this a lot, but that’s because it’s true. So many people regret not doing so sooner. So take it from the thousands of people who have put it off, and regretted doing so; do it, and do it now. Not just once, every goddamn day. Step 2 is all about achieving a higher sense of purpose, and feeling fulfilled with what you’re doing day to day and month to month, whether that be with your work, your playtime or your downtime.

I know many people reading this will already have their own business, or want to start one, but if there’s a chance I can inspire somebody to become a new business owner, I’d greatly recommend it.

I am over the moon for you if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself; “Actually, I quite enjoy my 9-5 job” – or at least most of the time, but the world is changing. The pandemic hit hard, and thousands of people are now rethinking their careers and redesigning their lives.

But, to reach the majority reading this, starting my business was single handedly the greatest thing I ever did. I thank God everyday for giving me this gift. I feel fulfilled everyday because of my goal oriented mindset, and doing something I absolutely love, every single day. It’s not the fact that I am in charge of everything here at Everything Sales, it’s that I am able to inspire people, every day, and fulfil my life long dream of writing. I am so thankful.

Everything Sales Best Marketing Agency in the UK

Cat Philp
Chief Editor 

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